SoNiC apply za moderator

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SoNiC apply za moderator

Post by xSoNiC on Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:30 pm

Your ingame name:

Your real name:

Your age :



Country of residence:

Language skills:

English Skills 0/10:

How long you have been playing SORC:RPG:[/onlinetime
3 Horus

Your strengths:
so im Good Player Activitiy And Loyal Like Driving
Hydra (And Help To People !!)

Your weaknesses:
idk i dont Have
Sure im free in Game you can ask me More !

Reason for application :
I want to join the SORC moderator team because i want to be a part of the project.
And i also want to get panel so i can help players that are in need of help
I am Loyal Player + Activity.

Server Memberships: N/A
Global Liberation Army Joined 2 test Race.

Previous (bans/warns/kicks) on the server:

Reason For Ban/warn/kick:
ah None + Never

Write about yourself in 5 sentences:
Hello I am 21years old Tefa from Egypt. I live with my grandmother and younger sister.
My mother is Egyptan and has not been home for two years.
My father is from Egypt. He and my mother abandoned me when I was little.
So I have not seen it. My mother works in Red Star Net.
And my father did not know where he is but I have to finish this.
I like to play football in my spare time. I also like to play on the computer.
I love to go to school because there I learn many new things.
My favorite subjects are English and Egyptan. I want to learn English as it is spoken around the world.
I teach in one of the best schools in my city.Im old Player of UG,Im happy u open new Cool Server but u want new ideas im here to Help.

What Does an Admin doing for work? :
I want moderator

-Tefa Sonic


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