KaiTo Application for Moderator or Admin

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KaiTo Application for Moderator or Admin

Post by KaiTo on Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:04 am

Your ingame name: KaiTo

Your real name:Memo

Your age :14



Country of residence:Cairo

Language skills:10/10

English Skills 0/10:10

How long you have been playing DW:RPG:[/onlinetime:2or3 hours

Your strengths:Killing - Helping ^_^

Your weaknesses:untill now i don't have any :/

Reason for application : i Hope to join Sorc clan for 1- i like helping people
                                                                               2-To Invite my hole friends in Sorc ^_*

Server Memberships: umm idk Very Happy

Previous (bans/warns/kicks) on the server: none Razz iam a loyal player Very Happy

Reason For Ban/warn/kick: Never

Write about yourself in 5 sentences:ummm My Name is Memo
14 years old Living with my parents have 1 Bro no sisters
i like action movies series also comedy Very Happy
i enjoy Swimming playing football
i like playing Sorc and helping people
What Does an Admin doing for work? : Help people who need help be active all the Time Nevere ignore a member needs Help Very Happy and i hope get morerator and soon an Admin Very Happy i promse as soon as i get the moderator u will se the active players of my gang


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