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RizzO apply the staff

Post by RizzO on Sat Jun 27, 2015 6:41 pm

Your ingame name: RizzO

Your real name: Besho

Your age : 16

Male/Female: Male

Nationality: Egyptian

Country of residence: Fayoum

Language skills: 8

English Skills 0/10: 8-9

How long you have been playing SORC:RPG:[onlinetime]: 4 Hours

Your strengths: Ok.I'm pro at sooting with deagle and I'm active

Your weaknesses: IDK.I don't have any weaknesses

Reason for application : Really,I want to be a staff because i like helping people who want help and I'm active most of the time that i can help people more .

Server Memberships: N/A

Previous (bans/warns/kicks) on the server: N/A

Reason For Ban/warn/kick: N/A

Write about yourself in 5 sentences:

Hello! I'm Besho From Egypt and I'm proud of that . I'm 16 years old . I live with my father , mother and my little sister . My father and my mother are teachers . i'm learning at the best school in my city . I love going to school because I love meeting my friends and my teachers . I love my teachers because they help me to learn more things about our world . I like playing football in my space time and like playing MTASA on the computer very much . I like this server very much and if you need any ideas to make the server better , I will be in help .

What Does an Admin doing for work? : He/She helps players who need help and make the server better . He/She regulates the server .

Besho RizzO


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